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RECC Therapy - Inpatient

The SCI RT program has been given guidelines for programming during COVID-19 that are ever changing so here’s a review for your knowledge and awareness:

  • SCI RT outpatient program is still running with no on site programs
  • SCI RT is able to see inpatients 1:1 for 30 minutes
  • SCI RT is able to see inpatients in their rooms 1:1 for 30 minutes if on quarantine
  • SCI RT is NOT able to facilitate any inpatient groups
  • SCI RT is able to coordinate video visits and window visits but may not be present on the day of the visit

RECC Therapy- Outpatient

Outpatient Recreation Therapy Program Appointments

What To Do:

  1. Look over monthly calendar that is emailed or mailed to you
  2. Call or email Erinn if there are programs you would like to attend or have questions about. Do this as soon as you are able in order to get signed up for programs. Some programs have limited spots available.
  3. Appointment number: 414-384-2000
    1. Erinn/Sam: 41245 or or
    2. Leave a message if no one answers
      1. Please State:
      2. Name
      3. Last 4 of social
      4. Phone Number
      5. Programs you want to sign up for and if you do or do not need travel for these programs
  4. Travel: If eligible for VA travel you are able to get travel 4 times a month for recreation therapy programs
  5. Cancelling appointments: If you need to cancel for a program you have signed up for call or email Erinn as soon as possible, also call travel to cancel your ride ext. 42057 if you are cancelling the week of the program.
  6. No Call No Shows: If you no call no show 2 times a month, you will be suspended from recreation therapy programming for the remainder of that month.