The Wisconsin Chapter has several committees that assist the Board of Directors in making decisions for the chapter. Any person can be on a committee, and offer ideas and assistance to the board members. The following is a list of ways you can support your Wisconsin Chapter. If you are interested, please contact the office.

  • ADVOCACY & LEGISLATION: (architectural barriers, ADA issues, veterans' issues)
  • SPORTS AND RECREATION: (SCI sporting events, chapter & national events)
  • HOSPITAL LIAISON: (VAMC, Volunteers, Outpatient Clinics, VABS)
  • MEMBERSHIP: (Members, Outreach, Membership Events, Elections)
  • COMMUNICATION: (Newsletter, website, advertising, chapter literature)
  • FINANCE: (Audit, Budgets, Bookkeeping, Scholarships, Investments)
  • FUNDRAISING: (Grant Writing, Raffles, Events)
  • STRATEGIC PLANNING COMMITTEE: (short & long range)